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Trendy Ideas for Wedding Flower Arrangements

    Weddings are a very special time and you certainly want your big day to have the most memorable ceremony. Ambiance and décor at the venue play a huge role in ensuring this. Therefore, paying close attention to the flower arrangements at your nuptials is crucial. Take a look at some of the trends that are sure to be in all year round that can amp up the vibe of your wedding.

    Floral Centre Pieces

    Recently, organic themes have been very popular and you can incorporate Gladiolus, Daises and even stunning bouquets at your reception. The best part is that you can use the blooms for diverse arrangements by talking to Thunder Bay florists. Right from embellishing the tables at your reception with a fine centre piece to festooning the chairs seating guests at the church; flowers make lovely adornments as opposed to scented candles or artificial centre pieces.

    Use In-Season Blooms

    If you want to stay up to date with the latest trends, just go with the seasons fresh blooms and you achieve your purpose. In case it is to be a spring wedding or a cold winter ceremony, then you can opt for fresh tulips, Alabaster roses or sweet lilies sourced from the Posh Posy. You can go ahead and book online with flower delivery in Thunder Bay to have them cater to your every florist emergency.

    With several professionals extending a 24-hour ordering service, it is really convenient to place your order without the hassles and secure stunning blooms for your ceremony.

    Resource Box: Kimberly Holmes is an avid writer and blogger who specializes in writing about wedding photography and flower shops in Thunder Bay like the Posh Posy. She spends her days blogging and pursuing her hobby of horticulture.


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