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Confessions of a Wedding Planner

    Nuptials are not an easy task for the bride and the groom. No matter how long the courtship period may be, walking down the aisle can definitely give jitters to many. But then if you are already trembling, then who is managing your wedding? Well, here comes the wedding planner. The angel in disguise, with Gucci’s and Prada’s and all the orchids blooming, he knows what is done how. He gives his wand a stern swing and things are put in place. But he notices a thing or two about the couple as well. Here are a few things that a wedding planner comes across while planning a wedding:

    Tiff-a- tete:

    Every couple has its own heated moments. A tiff or two during the planning of the wedding is okay too. But a full blown world war between the younge couple is not what looks like a positive sign. There have been times when the couples could never decide upon a single thing and later got divorced.

    Rule of the Queen:

    Women are the beings who dream about their weddings snce they were 7 years old. But that doesn’t mean that it is only her wedding. Some women don’t let their would be husbands to choose or decide anything regarding their wedding plans. Such domination by one of the two pushes the other one away. On the other hand, couples who decide things after discussions and prioritize their likeable areas of the wedding planning, ends in a strong and a happy marriage.

    Budget Blues:

    Weddings can be an expensive affair and those times have gone when marriages used to happen in the backyard. From the wedding venue to the flowers and the catering, it can cost a bomb. Most couples save for years to pay for a decent wedding. If one of the two happen to splurge a little too much on the bar or the wedding dress, it can create a yellow face of worry too. The couple should stick to their budget and spend thoughtfully. This reflects the effort one puts to be understanding and empathetic about the whole situation.

    Mommy Tantrums:

    Women like to include their mothers in wedding planning. They like somebody to guide her and be the second opinion for almost everything. But there are times when even the groom’s mother likes to barge in a little too much than is required. This is the time when the groom should be able to stand up for the girl and put his foot down. Chances are that the mother might keep interfering later in their married life too!

    Two to Tango:

    Those couples who are empathetic towards each other and let the other one have their space are the most strong ones. Such couples understand each other and last fairly long.
    A wedding planner plans a wedding according to the couples. He sees a little too much and are bestowed with the natural power to judge which couple will last long and which will catch flames and turn to ash!

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