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Don’t Fall For these Hair Care Myths!!!

    A woman’s hair is her ‘Crown.’ Hence a woman spends most of her time and energy in rinsing, Caring and styling their hair, just to keep it healthy and shiny. There are a plenty of hair care advices, traditions and gossips on handling the hair better and that can work wonders for their hair. Especially, the most popular one is, the hair will get bad, if it is washed too often. Still, most of these stories on hair care are nothing but myths.

    In this blog, we’ve debunked the most common hair care myths, together with a few tips and hacks on what actually works best. Read on …

    Don’t Apply Conditioner if You Have an Oily or thin Hair

    This fact is totally untrue! Oily hair is caused by excessive sebum on the scalp and thin hair could be because of the genes, or due to earlier damages. If you are not conditioning your hair properly, then you are only harming your hair. It is good to find the best conditioner that could treat your hair and scalp. In case if you have thin hair, use a conditioner that could increase the volume or opt for weave hair extensions in Melbourne to add a voluminous look to the hair.

    Trimming the Hair will help it Grow Faster

    This is one big myth, which most of them believe. The reality is trimming the hair strands have nothing to do with the hair which grows from the follicles present in the scalp. Even hair growth is linked to genetics, though there are some solutions available for hair growth that is said to improve the follicles, they only have very less effect or no effect like trimming the hair.  When looking for a stylish and easy way to add length to your hair, consider clip in hair extensions Melbourne, as this will allow you to add to your looks by increasing the length and volume of your hair.

    Plucking Your Grey Hair Will Allow the Growth of More Grey Hair in the Area

    This is ultimately False! The follicles produce grey hair when the pigment cells produce melanin. Even Vitamin deficiency or smoking can cause greying of hair. Plucking from outside, does not have any effect of the actions that happens under the scalp. Yet, when you pluck the hair, it might hurt the scalp. When you have more number of grey hairs, don’t worry, you can always create a beautiful look with colourfulhair extensions Melbourne, no one is going to notice your grey hair!

    Dyeing Your Hair during Pregnancy Is Dangerous On the Unborn Child

    Though there is no scientific evidence associated with this information, it is better to consult the doctors before dyeing the hair. Usually, doctors suggest taking extra preventive measures like using hand gloves, advised amount of dye and wait until the first trimester to start using dye on hair again.  So, why risk with dye during pregnancy, instead use hair extensions Melbourne, which will add to your looks.

    It’s high time to escape away from these myths and find out better hair care tips, which practically work. Every hair type is different and it requires a perfect hair care regimen for its protection, it is not about hair, you have to work on your scalp for a shiny and strong hair.

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