Eleni and Christos’s Adventurous Trip to the Mythic Land – Amazon

    Did you know that the Amazon measures a whopping 2.6 million square miles and it contains some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world? A visit to the world’s largest tropical rainforest is undoubtedly at the top of many travelers “to-do” lists. The avid travelers Eleni and Christos flew over the dense jungle of Amazonia that has intrigued explorers for centuries and have become the witnesses of a truly magic land that records 8 species of monkeys, 50 species of bats and more than 500 species of birds.

    Explore the Amazon by Boat

    Accompanied by Joel Rivera, a travel guide, the travel couple Eleni and Christos took the river cruise to experience the natural flow and abundance of the rainforest. Exploring Amazon by boat connects you with nature and provides a better vantage point for wildlife observation.

    Tropical Storm Experience

    Eleni and Christos choose to stay in Sacha Lodge, where they were welcomed with fresh lemonade and information about the activities they are going to have for the rest of their days. While walking to their cabin, they experienced the first taste of a tropical storm which was unusual considering the warm and wet climate of the area.

    The Cabin

    Constructed with traditional rainforest materials, the cabin was fully equipped with two double beds, private bath, and hot water shower. The high thatched roof of the cabin was fully equipped against insects. The cabin also offered some modern amenities such as ceiling fans and electrical outlets.

    It also boasted a veranda with hammocks that allowed them to enjoy the views of the jungle and to hear the endless sounds that the Tamarin’s Black-Mantle Monkeys were making.

    Canopy Walk

    On the fresh early morning hours of the second day of the trip, they climbed up the steps to the Canopy Walk, a 275-meter long bridge, one of only a few rigid, self-standing, suspension canopy walkways in the world, above the forest floor. Eleni and Christos explored the rich life of the magical land while moving casually at their own pace on a suspended bridge, at a height of 120 meters.

    The Rainforest

    The Globetrotters also explored the rich and unspoiled vegetation of the rainforest. They witnessed ants, frogs, caterpillars, termite nests, butterflies, birds, orchids, palm trees, and more as they walked through the woods. But, passing by flooded spots was a great challenge for both of them.

    Parrots’ Colony

    They started the third day of the trip with a short canoe trip down River Napo, for watching parrots. They also had a little chat with the indigenous communities and were able to learn more about their philosophy and their ways of life, while visiting them. Eleni and Christos also tried the traditional dishes of the Kichua People.

    After a long day, they returned to their cabin, fully drenched, and went to the raised lookout area of the lodge to explore the true essence of Mother Nature.

    On the final day of their travel, Eleni and Christos flew back to Thessaloniki filled with the images and experiences from the unique ecosystem of Amazonia.

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