Artificial Grass Installation in Sydney to Make an Eco-friendly Difference

    Today, the term ‘eco-friendly’ is thrown around loosely everywhere. ‘Green’ has become the ultimate goal for us to create a more sustainable living environment. Synthetic grass in Sydney has a look and feel of the natural grass and outperforms the properties of the natural grass. Synthetic grass is perfect for lawns, gardens, patios, balconies, play areas, staircases, and more. Here are the eco-benefits of installing artificial grass for your lawn.

    Less Water

    Did you know 30% of the water has been allocated for outdoor use, and most of this is used to water lawns and other gardening applications? Switching to artificial grass helps you to save on your home irrigation bill.

    During the growing and summer seasons, the natural grass requires plenty of water whereas artificial requires only less water. It needs watering once in a while to remove dirt and dust.

    Minimise Carbon Emissions

    To keep natural grass healthy and beautiful, maintenance equipment such as lawn mowers is needed. This equipment uses fuels like petrol or diesel that emits greenhouse gases. According to the environmental agency report, there are 406 parts per million carbon-di-oxide is present in the atmosphere as of January 2017. This is approximately 0.04% of our atmosphere, which is not ideal for the residents of our planet.

    With artificial grass, you don’t have to trim to make it look luscious. This reduces the level of carbon emissions.

    No Toxin

    Did you know around 60% of fertiliser and other lawn chemicals are wasted, and ultimately contribute to chemical runoff? Another main advantage of using synthetic grass is it will never be toxic as you don’t have to use any weed killers, pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides, and more. But, you should use these kinds of pesticides to make sure it’s protected from pests and diseases. These chemicals are harmful to both the human and the environment, and when used excessively they find their way into local waters. This could potentially damage animal and marine wildlife. The health problems caused by chemical runoff include congenital disabilities, allergies, and more.

    Healthy Year-round Appearance

    Cheap fake grass in Sydney will retain its green and healthy appearance year-round. Unlike natural grass, there are no withered lawns in winter and no fire hazards in summer. Nowadays, artificial grasses come in different styles from which you can choose a style of grass that looks and feels the way you like.

    As manufacturers continue to improve the way synthetic grass is made, it has become a safe and friendly option to the environment. Visit now to know more information about artificial grass installation in Sydney.

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