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Honor the Gold Star Mother’s Day with Floral Arrangements

    Gold Star Mother’s Day” is a day for the citizens to honor mothers who have lost a daughter or son while serving the Armed Forces. This year’s Gold Star Mother’s Day is September 24.

    On Gold Star Mother’s Day, the President of the United States calls on all citizens to display the flag and hold events to express their grief, love, sorrow, and reverence for the families of Gold Mothers.  In this article, we are going reveal a list of flowers which can convey your feelings and send a meaningful condolence message without the use of a single word.

    White Lilies

    This flower is  commonly used in sympathy floral arrangements as they symbolize innocence and indicate that the soul has been peacefully. The white lily resembles grandeur and purity; white stargazer lilies symbolize sympathy.


    With their long-lasting fragrance, carnations are the best choice of flower for floral arrangements. Florists usually have three different colors of carnations: red, pink and white. Red carnations denote admiration, while pink is for honor and remembrance and white carnations stand for purity and innocence. Many other shades of color are available as well.


    Roses are a beautiful part of any  floral arrangement. White roses symbolize reverence, humility, and innocence; red roses convey respect, honor, love and courage; pink roses are for grace and appreciation; dark crimson roses are for sorrow and grief; yellow roses are given by friends of the departed to symbolize their strong bond. When you include a single rose in a floral bouquet, it expresses your strong condolence and enduring love.

    Daffodils and Tulips

    Both these flowers are recognized as the symbol of renewal and fresh starts. For this reason, these flowers can be used in spring sympathy floral arrangements, as they are believed to bring hope to a person who is grieving or unhappy. Florists say that floral bouquets made with tulips and daffodils are a great choice to send as a sympathy gift to the family home of the departed.

    Orchid Plant

    When choosing orchids as sympathy flowers, it’s important to consider color. Pink and white are the most common types of orchids. Online Florist in North St Paul suggests that phalaenopsis orchids and dendrobium orchids are the right plants to signify your respect.

    The above are a few of the flowers that are most commonly used for honoring the mother of a fallen warrior. These flowers add decoration, beauty, fragrance and life to a somber event.

    Giving sympathy flowers is one of the most beautiful ways to express our condolences when words fail. So what are you waiting for? Visit Lakeside Floral & Gift Flower shop in North St Paul MN!

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