Tips to Choose the Best Flowers for Your Mom on This Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Have you bought a gift for your mom? Not yet! Then you can plan for a special bouquet from flower shops in Fort Smith to your mom, taking into consideration the impact of each type of flower. Here, we have suggested some of the best flowers for your mom on this Mother’s Day.


    Roses have been associated with motherhood, making them a popular choice on every Mother’s Day. Roses symbolize the Virgin Mary and were considered sacred to the Greek goddess Isis, who is seen as the ideal mother. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and happiness, while the pink roses indicate grace, elegance, and appreciation, so both colors are perfect for your mom.


    Mother’s Day flowers don’t end with roses alone. Lilac is another elegant choice on your mother’s day bouquet. They signify love between the mother and the child.


    The iris is the symbol of warmth and affection, and some Christians associate it with the Virgin Mary. These dazzling flowers come in many colors, but blue and white irises tend to be more popular for Mother’s Day.


    Tulips are traditionally associated with new life, spring and charity. Due to their beauty and grace, tulips are always a popular option for Mother’s Day.

    Other factors

    Symbolism should not be the only factor while choosing the Mother’s Day flowers from Johnston’s Quality Flowers Inc. in Fort Smith. Also you need to consider your mother’s favorite color. Sunflowers or daffodils are pretty choices for moms who love yellow; pink gerbera daisies, red peonies, and blue hydrangeas are also colorful flowers that your mom will love.


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