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Get to Know About the Personalities of the Babies Based On Their Moon Signs

    Names give identification to a person that carries a cultural and social legacy. Hence, naming a baby is very crucial and time-consuming, but will yield good results. These days most of the people desire astro numero baby names, so they seek a baby name astrologer. As per numerology, names shape one’s mind and thought by attracting positive vibrations. Combination of astrology and numerology proves to help shape your child’s future. In this blog let’s see how the astro moon signs inspire your baby’s name.

    What Do You Mean By Moon Signs?

    Most people are familiar with the sun signs as it is solely based on the location of the sun on your date of birth. To find your moon sign the time of birth is required in addition to your date of birth. It signifies the side of your personality that you express to those people who are dearer or close to your heart. The moon sign astrology also has the same twelve signs (Rashis) found in the sun sign astrology system.

    Personalities of the Babies Based On Their Moon Signs

    Moon signs play an imperative role in your baby’s personality. Parents often desire baby name numerology as it aids in molding their child’s future. The following are the personality traits of the babies associated with each moon signs and some suitable names.

    • Mesh (Aries)

    Mesh babies are short tempered and hyperactive. They are often difficult to deal with. They don’t hold back from expressing their views. These persons are good for relying. Some baby names for Aries are Alden, Enya, and Keegan.  

    • Vrishabh (Taurus)

    Vrishabh babies are more cautious and artistic. They are another word for comfort. Until and unless stimulated, they won’t do anything. These babies’ names can be Yara, Hermione or Florence.   

    • Mithun (Gemini)

    Mithun babies are great explorers, good administrators and strategy makers. Some names for Gemini are Julian, Wendy, and Aura.

    • Karka (Cancer)

    Karka babies are very emotional and soft-hearted. They are often reserved type. Their names can be Samira, Remy or Eddy.

    • Simha (Leo)

    Simha babies are fun makers, generous and creative. They are attention seekers. The names can be Xavier, Kenneth or Ariel.

    • Kanya (Virgo)

    Kanya babies are bestowed with nature of helping tendency and humility. They prefer to be alone and are highly intelligent. Their names include Roslyn, Arthur, and Ellis. 

    • Tula (Libra)

    Tula babies are charm and charismatic. They are a diplomat and justice seekers. Their names can be Winifred, Sameer or Sabiya.

    • Vrishchika (Scorpio)

    Vrishchika babies are attention seeker and leaders. They are generous and forms close bonds. Their apt names can be Edward, Seraphine, and Darya.

    • Dhanush (Sagittarius)

    Sagittarius babies are highly enthusiastic, independent, and love to travel and make new friends. Their names can be Isaac, Elena or Bea.

    • Makar (Capricorn)

    Makar babies are very responsible, authoritative and methodical. Their names can be Audrey, Olivier or Vince.

    • Kumbh (Aquarius)

    Kumbh babies are philanthropist and lonely seekers. Their names include Ezra, Hugo or Brisa. 

    • Meena (Pisces)

    Meena babies are selfless, imaginative and sympathetic. Ideal names for these babies are Sullivan, Hudson or Zarya.

    Thus the moon sign under which a baby is born can have a significant impact on its life and character.

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